Poor Central Park Coyote

"The first time we heard of the Central Park coyote was February 2nd—since then, there have been plenty of sightings of the little guy (and there may even be more than one roaming around out there). Back on the 9th, the Parks Department had told us they plan to catch the coyote and... hopefully he won't meet the same end as Hal, who was caught in the area in 2006 and died in captivity."

Jaguar cub gives rare black mother a playful bite

"They may not look related, but this is Lolo, a rare black jaguar playing happy families with her recently born cub.

And from the resigned look on Lolo's face it isn't the first time her lively youngster has tried to cut his teeth on her ear.

Jaguars are usually spotted, to help them blend in with jungle surroundings, but around 6 per cent have a condition known as melanism which means they are entirely black."